The Results of the Revolutionary war
By: Bryce

Who The British General Cornwallis, The Americans including George Washington, and the French such as Comte de Rochambeau and Lafayette and François de Grasse. John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams.
What + How The Battle of Yorktown and the treaty of Paris. What happened at the battle of Yorktown? After the British Captured Charles Town Cornwallis was put in charge of the British Command in the South by General Clinton. Then after the battle of Greensboro N.C., which he won, He realized he could not win battles as easily so he marched north to Yorktown, Virginia. A few months later George Washington and his troops, Lafayette and his troops, and Rochambeau and his navel fleet Surrounded Cornwallis by land and sea, then they started to bombard Cornwallis and his troops, and he finally surrendered his troops and weapons. That wasnt the very end; the British still had posts in New York, Savanna, and Charles Town, but the Americans soon after won those back.  What were the losses in the war? There were a total of 4,435 American deaths, and 6,188 were injured. The total cost of the war for the Americans was 101 million dollars; today that is about 1,826 million dollars. What was Then Treaty Of Paris? After the War was over America and Great Britain sent people to Paris, France to make a treaty. It said that all of the British troops had to leave American lands, the Americans could now fish off of the coast of Canada, and British now saw the colonies and an independent country.
When war 1775- 1783 treaty of Paris was signed on September, 3 1783 Yorktown September 28- October 19, 1781.
Where The American Colonies, Paris, France, and Yorktown, Virginia.
Why : The battle of Yorktown happened because George Washington saw an opportunity to defeat the British without General Cornwallis to get back up. The Americans won because they surrounded the British by land and sea, and it showed how weak they were without back up and the sea. Why was the Treaty of Paris signed? It was signed to make an agreement after the war so America could have their benefit for winning the war. Why did the Americans win the war? Thy won because they had some strong allies, the land they fought on was very familiar compared to the British, and they had many leaders step up, and they really wanted to win because they did not like the British to tax them more.



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