The Intolerable Acts
by: Nick

Who American colonies and the British parliment
What+ how The Intolerable also known as the coercive acts came to act to stop the fight against authority the colonist had been putting up they issued 5 different acts to stop this behavior. The Boston Port Act this outraged the colonist because it closed its only port of trade and importing and exporting goods, the Boston Harbor.  The Massachusetts government act this cancelled the charter of the colony allowing the British Military Government to establish its base there. Administration of Justice Act, The Quartering Act, The Quebec Act, and The Boston Port act were the four parts to the Intolerable acts
when 1774 came into thought after the Boston tea party
where America and Britain
why The intolerable acts had many different sections or acts. Britian intend on restricting and completely controlling the colonies and punishing them for even trying to defy them.

 These acts were intended to punish the colonies after there rebeling during the Boston Tea party.


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