Boston Tea Party
by Jack

Who Colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians.
What + How

Americans boarded ships in order to dump the tea into Boston Harbor to protest government and taxes. They dumped the tea in order to prevent the tea from being unloaded into Boston and the colonists forced to pay the taxes for them.


December 16, 1773.


Boston Harbor.


To protest the new British act called the Tea Act that gave a monopoly to the East India Company on tea. The British had been taxing them heavily and they decided that a protest was needed for this unfair treatment.

In 1767, Britain had passed the Townshend acts, but resistance to it was so great that Britain got rid of them except for the one on tea. The British in 1773 then passed the Tea Act, giving the East India Company a monopoly on Tea. On December 16, 1773, The American colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded the ships and dumped all the tea into the waters of Boston Harbor. Britain, angry at this latest outbreak, put oppressive laws on the colonies and closed the port of Boston until all of the tea that was dumped was paid for by the Americans. The American group who boarded and unloaded the tea was said to be the sons of liberty. They boarded the ships sometime around midnight. The three ship names were the Dartmouth, The Eleanor, and the Beaver. About 342 bags of tea were dumped into the harbor. The British had passed the Tea Act in an attempt to save the East India Company from going bankrupt.


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