End of the Revolutionary War
By Jonathan


The leaders of the Revolutionary War were: George Washington, Nathanael Greene, Lafayette, Cornwallis and Britain. The countries that were the biggest threat in the war were, Britain and the United States, French later became very involved. The people that negotiated the Treaty of Paris were John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams.


What happened- the End of the Revolutionary War happened at the battle of Yorktown. The Americans bottled up the British on a peninsula in Virginia and they could not escape on the river or the sea because the French fleet was barricading the way. And the Americans pushed in from the land and they bombarded them from all sides.
They all went to Paris to then figure out the terms of surrender and what land the Americans was entitle to.
The French also received some ports and cities that the British had in their possession in the Caribbean.


The Battle of Yorktowns was held on October 19, 1781 and the Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783.

Where The Battle of Yorktown was held in the United States at Yorktown, Virginia. The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris, France.

The battle ended by the British surrendering and Britain decided that it was too costly to continue with the War.
It had cost the British a whole lot of lives and money to put this operation into action because they had just finished the French and Indian War and they just had to do the Revolutionary War so they lost a whole lot of money when they lost the colonies.

How The Americans bottled up the British on a penninsula in Virginia and the French fleet made a blockade so the British could not escape by land. They then attacked on all sides, and the British surrendured.

Betsy Ross' Flag was flown at the End of the Revolutionary War


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