Townshend Act
By: Josh

These acts were made by: Charles Townshend and passed by a guy named Parliament.
Townshend Acts were taxes on the 13 Colonies. These Townshend Acts were made after taxes on everyone were abolished. Charles Townshend thought making these acts was a tricky and a decetful  way to hide taxes and still get money from the Colonies, but the colonists were smarter than they thought and fought back with protests and vicious attacks against the government.
The townshend acts took place when America consisted of only 13 colonies and happened in the year of 1770. 1770 was a year of outbreaks of fights, massacres, rebellions, and very many protests.
The Townshend acts happened in Britain when taxes where abolished and parliament was looking for new ways to get money.

The Townshend Acts turned out as Taxes in Disguise made up by parliament and Townshend
The Colonies hated the Townshend acts because of  what they were trying to hide for them; these "Townshend Acts" aren't just for fun, they are just trying to out-smart the colonists by changing the name on taxes...

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