Intolerable Acts
By: Kaycee

Who British, American Colonist, British Parlament,Massachusetts people

The intolerable acts, which are also known as the Coercive acts.  The laws got passed in 1774. And the laws were meant for destroying the tea from India in the Boston tea party.

When 1774
Where through out the whole colonies
How four laws passed by the British parliament in 1744. AKA Coercive acts.  They were meant to punish the colony of Massachusetts for destroying the tea that belonged to east India. Because of the Boston Tea Party and Massachusetts couldnt repay India for the tea.
Why Because the British didnt pay back India for destroying their tea.

Intolerable Acts:
Boston Port Act : Closed the port of Boston until the tea that was used in the Boston tea party was paid for

Massachusetts Government Act : Forbade town meetings except by the written consent of the colony's British governor

Quartering Act:  It provided the colonisht to provide quarters for the soldiers

Impartial Administrative of Justice Act : It removed British officials from the jurisdiction of Massachusetts courts

Quebec Act: Which extended the Canadian border southward to the Ohio River eliminating the colonies clain to the land


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